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Monday, April 24, 2017

Interesting Facts About The Desert Biome

Interesting Facts About The Desert Biome

Interesting Facts About The Desert Biome
Interesting Facts About The Desert Biome

Fascinating facts about deserts. Desert biome is an ecosystem that receives minimal rainfall. Antarctica is the largest desert on Earth, while hot, dry deserts of Africa are the most widely used, cold deserts for instance. There are four kinds of deserts specifically hot and dry, semiarid, coastal, and cold. Life in a desert isn't easy, yet plants and many creatures thrive in these extreme states. Let’s explore more interesting details about deserts.

Because there's barely any standing water in the desert biome, animals either store water within their bodies, or get their water needs fulfilled by the food they eat.
There are several deserts in Antarctica, that are called cold deserts. They're considered cold deserts due to the little bit of plant life that grows there.
Plants which are found in a certain region or habitat are meant, by vegetation
Another fact about desert creatures is, that they are usually nocturnal, sleeping during the daytime, and coming out at night when the temperatures are more tolerable.
Another simple truth is that the Sahara Desert is the largest desert in the desert biome. It covers more than 300 million square miles.
Do not forget that the Sahara Desert is located in Africa.

Desert Facts

-The desert could be found on every continent except Europe.
-Big mineral deposits in many cases are seen in deserts.
-Many desert animals are nocturnal i.e. they sleep during the daytime and come out at night time as the temperatures at night are more tolerable.
- When the mountains along the border of the desert stop the rain Desert is formed.
-As heat is retained by body fat, most desert animals adjust in this type of method they keep all their fat in a single place in their own body.
-Antarctica is the world ’s biggest desert.
-70% of Australia is classified as semi-arid desert, arid or.
-Australia is the driest inhabited continent on Earth.
-The Atacama Desert is the biggest natural provider of Sodium Nitrate.
-One third of the earth's surface is covered in deserts.
-In six hours world’s deserts receive the sun is formed by more energy than individuals have in a year.
-The Sahara is the largest hot desert on Earth.
-The Atacama Desert is home to the largest earth telescope ALMA, on the planet.
- Desert, truly means an abandoned place.
-There are polar deserts in Antarctic and Arctic. It really is a region free of ice.
-A desert is an area that receives the cheapest rainfall.
-Deserts receive less than 40 cm of rainfall in annually.

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-Gobi desert in Asia is very chilly.
-Temperature in Sahara desert can reach up to 122 degrees Fahrenheit.
- A camel to get the road view of the desert is hired by Google.
Every year about 46,000 square miles of arable land to that is turn desert due to climate change. And deforestation
- Regions covered in snow are called as deserts that were chilly occasionally, in comparison with hot deserts in regions that were warmer.
-Desert plants have padded leaves that store water during drought.
-The Sahara Desert is growing at the rate of 30 miles per year.
-There are oases in deserts; it's a wet area where there's a river or pond.
-Camels can go without water for a week. A thirsty camel can drink 30 gallons of water in less than a quarter hour.
-The Mojave Desert is home to Death Valley, it truly is the lowest, hottest and driest spot in North America.


-Sand deserts in Alaska have sand dunes which are 45 m high or over 150 feet.
-Some sand dunes in Sahara Desert reach up to 400 feet, that's greater than the Statue of Liberty.
-The major deserts are Arabian Desert Sahara Desert, Gobi desert, and the Kalahari Desert.
-Sahara crosses over 12 nations.
-The second-largest hot desert.
-Atacama Desert in South America is the driest place in the world.
-Deserts have really low humidity.
-Despite extreme condition in deserts, it really is home to various plants including cacti and shrubs.
-There's an annual marathon held in the Sahara Desert, it's called the Marathon des Sables.
-Desertification threatens livelihood of more than 1 billion people in 110 countries.


-Aralkum Desert, Uzbekistan is the world’s youngest desert.
-It snowed in the Sahara desert in 1979.
-Deserts in North America are the Mojave, The Great Basin, The Sonoran, as well as the Chihuahuan.
-Namib Desert has the tallest sand dunes in the world.
-Just 3% of the Australian population live in the desert.
-Atacama Desert soil samples are very just like the samples from Mars.

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