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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Ocean Biome Animals

Ocean Biome Animals

Ocean Biome Animals
Ocean Biome Animals

The ocean biome has a massive quantity of organisms. The ocean biome covers nearly 75% of our earth and has 90% of the living space of  the Earth there are hundreds of thousands of organisms that live there, and several undiscovered ones. The ocean biome organisms also change according to what ocean, they are in.

Some plants which are in all the oceans are:

-Kelp- also referred to as seaweed, is a type of algae that grows along coastlines around the globe.
-Phytoplankton- - free floating microorganisms.
-Sea Grass
-Red Algae
-Coralline Algae- algae that grows over rocks.
-Calcareous Algae- algae that grows in the sand.
-Small organisms that live on Coral Reefs.

Animals that exist in the majority of ocean biomes:

-Ocean Sunfish-Blue Shark-Portuguese Man-of-war- floating, organism that is jellylike
Cuttlefish- foot long -looking fish.
-Common go-by- small sandy- looking fish.
-Blue Mussel- moderate sized organism covered in a shell that is blue.
-Common Periwinkle- snail.
-Barnacle- kind of anthropoid (invertebrate animal)

A fantastic variety of creatures inhabit the open ocean biome. They range in size of microorganisms that will only be seen with microscopes and provide the foundation for several food chains to the mammoth blue whale that will be up to 110 feet long. Ninety percent of marine life lives in the upper zone of the ocean that receives sun.

The open ocean is home to numerous types of plankton. Plankton are bacteria that float freely using the current of the water, protists, plants, or any animals.
Some of these fish could be seen swimming alone, while others, such as the great blue fin tuna, swim in schools that were huge.
This biome is, in addition, home to numerous species such as squid and octopus, as well as many mammals including species of dolphins and whales.

It really is now known that unique organisms also can be found at the base of the open ocean, while it's been understood for an extended time the upper parts of the ocean are bursting with life. A number of these creatures who live here are scavengers that feed off of dead
organisms which have sunk to the underside, since the light will not reach these depths. Scientists have also discovered great sets of creatures, such as large tube worms and have the ability to get nutrients throughout the process of chemosynthesis, where chemicals spewing from the world turn into food and crabs, that live around deep sea vents.

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Animals In Ocean Biome
Animals In Ocean Biome

Animals In The Ocean Biome
Animals In The Ocean Biome

Animals That Live In The Ocean Biome
Animals That Live In The Ocean Biome

Ocean Biome Plants And Animals
Ocean Biome Plants And Animals

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