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Friday, May 5, 2017

Streams And Rivers Biome

What are Rivers and Streams?

Streams And Rivers Biome
Streams And Rivers Biome

Rivers and streams start at high points, such as hills, mountains, along with other elevated places that are high. Streams and rivers have high oxygen levels and clean water at the origin. The temperatures are cooler at the sources too, rather than at the mouth. Near the mouth, the water is cloudy, there is a diversity that is less flora, as well as the oxygen levels are lower. The water in rivers and streams go in a single direction, as well as the width and species diversity of the river and or stream increases close to the center. Later on, the water from rivers or streams will encounter lakes, the ocean, or any inland body of water.

Where do rivers and streams start?

They have some things in common, although rivers come in several various shapes and sizes. All rivers and streams begin at some high point. The high point might be hill, a mountain or other elevated region. Water from any source like snow melt a spring or a lake begins to flow down to lower points and starts at this point that is high. As the water flows down, it could pick up more water from rain or snow melt or from other small streams, springs. These streams may slowly join together to form a bigger stream or river. Small rivers and streams may join together to become bigger rivers. All this water from rivers and streams will encounter the ocean or an inland body of water just like a lake.

What animals inhabit rivers and streams?

Needless to say fish inhabit rivers and streams, but you'll find many different species of fish. Many species of scorpions, such as trout, salmon, minnows, bass, catfish, etc. Some of the largest rivers in the world's are home to some large, ancient fishes, including gar the paddlefish, sturgeon, and the Yangtze River's gladiator fish. Lamprey and eels are found in several rivers. Some African rivers have fish that will talk to electrical signals. Even a number of ray and shark species live out their whole lives in fresh water, and others who usually reside in the sea will sometimes swim up river mouths. Bull sharks are renowned for this and will often be seen at some distance up Mississippi Rivers, Amazon, and the San Juan. Reptiles found in streams and rivers include alligators, snakes, turtles, and crocodiles. Even streams will be used by iguanas as escape routes, swimming underwater to get away from predators. Other modest residents of streams which are usually present are crayfish, salamanders, and frogs. Leeches are extremely common. Water mites, often called Hydracarina, are so little they're able to barely be seen by the naked eye. Eventually, there are the organisms which can be so tiny that the microscope will probably be needed to see them, and these may include the ostracods, protozoa, fungi, algae, and bacteria. Many organisms live as parasites, attached to or inside the other creatures that are bodies. These can only be seen should you gather the creatures or dissect them.

Possible locations

rivers and streams biome
rivers and streams biome

Streams and rivers are located everywhere.

Look at the diagram below. The ground below the water table, the aquifer (the purple place), is saturated, whereas the ground above (the pink area) is not. The top layer (unsaturated soil/stone material) is usually wet, although not completely saturated. Water -carrying materials often exist in flat layers. Since rivers, in time, may cut vertically to the ground as they flow (as the river cuts into the purple section in the diagram), the water-bearing layers of rock can become exposed on the river banks. Therefore, a few of the water in rivers is credited to flow coming out of the banks. This is the reason even during droughts there are generally some water in streams.

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